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*Client Guaranteed

The role of Ted Childs LLC is to serve as a Global “Strategic Diversity Advisor” to Senior Management and a client’s workforce diversity team. Our goal is to move a company from “spinning your wheels, politically correct behavior” to execution that reflects performance and leadership.

The goal of Ted Childs™ LLC is to coach a corporate Workforce Diversity team through the identification of the internal / external stakeholders, an assessment of the internal / external environment, and the development and execution of a Global Workforce Diversity Strategy.

Corporate Workforce Diversity Councils.

Establishing partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders is critical to the development and execution of a successful Workforce Diversity strategy

Our team can help you establish and manage your Corporate Workforce Diversity council and ensure it’s compatibly with your Employee Relations policies and practices.

Coordinated by American Program Bureau

Harry Sandler, VP American Program Bureau

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(617) 965-6600 ext. 1627

Internet: www.apbspeakers.com

We value your requests

Special Requests are honored at the discretion of Ted Childs LLC. and commitments will depend on availability and opportunity for impact.

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